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The Vaughans have been engaged in the hospitality business in Lahinch since about 1850.
Frank and Annie Vaughan set up a shop and boarding house on Main Street which developed into Vaughan’s Hotel and later Vaughan’ Atlantic Hotel.

Micho and Brid Vaughan
Micho and Brid Vaughan

Micho and Brid Vaughan continued the tradition until their business was burned to the ground by the “Black and Tans” in 1920. It took three years for the family to rebuild the premises

Micho Vaughan on the left hand side with the team of builders at Vaughan’s hotel circa 1923
  Micheal and Phil Vaughan

The next generation of Vaughans to operate Vaughans hotel was Micheal Vaughan and Phil, who ran the hotel successfully until 1969, when they sold the business to concentrate on their other venture, the Aberdeen Arms hotel, which they bought in previous years. At the Aberdeen Arms Hotel in Lahinch, they were joined by Eamonn Vaughan, who had trained at Dublin’s Russell Hotel. The Aberdeen established itself as one of the best places to dine in the locality for over thirty years.
In 1990, Eamonn Vaughan set up a Restaurant in Lahinch with his wife Rita which they called “Mr Eamonn’s” That Restaurant continued the Vaughan tradition of fine hospitality and Mr Eamonn’s was the dining venue of choice for discerning guests until it was sold in 2003.

Mr Eamonn himself !!

In 2005, Michael and Maria Vaughan returned to Lahinch to open Vaughan Lodge Hotel, a Boutique Hotel with a great Restaurant called simply, VL Restaurant. Today, we continue a tradition of hospitality that has lasted over 4 generations of Vaughans. We are joined on occasion by both Danile and Ciallann in the service of our guests. At VL Restaurant we like to cook in a modern Irish style. We use the finest of Irish produce, the freshest of ingredients and a menu that caters to a high standard of cuisine. We open 5 nights only. Our restaurant team concentrates on just one meal each evening from Tuesday to Saturday. Everything is cooked to order. we take great care and pride in our efforts to delight our guests.

Our family business is here to serve you !

Ciallann, Maria, Michael and Daniel                            Vaughan
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