The Vaughan family has had a number of businesses in Lahinch. Vaughans Hotel – later called The Atlantic Hotel emerged from a boarding house established by Andrew and Annie Vaughan from Moy nearly two centuries ago. Miko and Brid Vaughan refined the building following the burning in the “Troubles” by the ‘Tans in the 1920’s. In the 1960’s Micheal and Phil Vaughan added the Aberdeen Arms Hotel (now Lahinch Golf and Leisure) and developed a great reputation for dining in Lahinch along with Eamon Vaughan.More recently the Vaughan’s operated  Mr Eamonn’s Restaurant, run by Michael’s late lamented uncle Eamon Vaughan and his wife Rita.


In the past generation, Phil Vaughan was renowned for her adventurous dishes and wonderful baking. Eamonn Vaughan, or Mr Eamonn as he was called back in the day was the chef in the Aberdeen Arms Hotel. Eamonn cooked in the classical style with popular dishes such as Sole Bonne Femme and Lobster Thermidor. Roasts of Burren Lamb and Sirloin of Beef completed the repertoire. The menus in the early years had un-ending choice and lots of sauces covering the meats.  in later years Eamonn perfected a number of classic soups such as Liscannor Chowder, Cream Clahane made with salmon and shellfish. His renowned dish in Mr Eamonns was Hot buttered lobster out of its shell simply served with new potatoes and julienne of cabbage and lardoons of smoked bacon.

This Generation of Vaughans

From a very early age, Michael Vaughan grew up working in the kitchen of the Aberdeen Arms and serving tables in the busy restaurant. Having trained formally at GMIT with an Honours Degree in Hotel Management, he continued working for some time at the hotel until it was sold in 1989. From there the young food and beverage manager spent time in France, London and for many years working in the various Jurys Hotels in Ireland and the UK, and the famed Berkeley Court in Dublin. His entrepreneurial streak developed when planning and opening an hotel in Clifden for local businessman, John Sweeney. By the time he came to work at Dromoland Castle some years later  Michael had decided on building a quality hotel and restaurant in Lahinch along with his wife Maria.

Meet The Chef !

Over 13 years of hard work has gone into refining the food and service style at VL Restaurant. A number of talented chefs have brought new perspective and style to the business. Currently, Pawel Gaisorowski is the man responsible for creativity. Pawel hails from Poland and has mastered his craft in some of the finest Restaurants across Europe. Here in Ireland, Aiden McGrath trained Pawel into the ways of fine dining for the Irish palate. Pawel has a passion for experimenting with ingredients. He has a keen eye for adapting to trends. Meeting the expectations of a refined palate is top of the agenda in Pawel’s kitchen. In his free time he likes to visit small artisan suppliers and discover new foods.

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